The SuperFly is aimed for pilots with a bit of experience with Miniwing.
Although it has the legendary pitch stability from LittleCloud, it also delivers a lot of performance, therefore some more energy to deal with! We could say that depending on the wingload, the SuperFly is dedicated to pilot EN B or EN C type.
The glider is designed to be flown a bit loaded as you can see on the recommended AUW Chart. It’s a very versatile wing that is actually the perfect partner for traveling.
With good thermaling capacity, good wind penetration, fun handling, it can be used for soaring, hike and fly, small cross country (of course don’t expect to break the 200km range with it).

You got to try to believe how incredible this wing is! There is actually no wing on the market that get near to the SuperFly!
It is not really a Miniwing and it’s not as well a paraglider… We won’t call it hybrid, as it’s meaningless although it’s very fashion nowadays 😉
Sticking to the LC philosophy, we took real responsibility on the exemplary behaviour of this glider.


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