These Kiterisers are a different way to change the angle of attack of your glider, just as you do with trimmers or speedbar, but the difference is that you adjust it instantly with your arms and without being able to pull the brakes-only when the angle of attack is low.

Effectively the brakes are moving along with A B and C on a defined scheme directed by the number and location of the pulleys.

In our system, A being static, B move 1/3rd of the travel of the C which move 1/3rd of the travel of the brake toggles.

The total throw up will be adjustable by a small stopper ball that you can lock via an Allen key along the C pulley travel.

As you can imagine, a 10m2 and a 25m2 don’t have the same chord therefore, the impact on the angle of attack (called AOA on the rest of this explanation) will be more important on a small chord with the same amount of “hands up”.


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