Spiruline Pro


The Goal was to offer a Speedflying glider range, with all LittleCloud features.
Speedflying wings are quite demanding in term of design as they will be flown with very high wing load and need to remain extremely balanced to offer a maximum intuitive control.

Spicy but not too hot!


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It keeps the same platform than The Spiruline, just few parameters have been adjusted to cope with higher wing loading!
The Spiruline Pro will provide a new experience to those who loved the old EZ 9 and 12 ( And the few 7.5 owners).
New experience because the new shape if even more balanced, the launch and rise are more straight forward.
Overall, the Spiruline Pro handling is more “progressive” as well as more precise than its predecessor.

Combined precision and agility of the smallest and speed to glide range of the biggest speed wings out there.

Flying with Spiruline Pro will give you option to dive deep down into the cracks, follow the terrain with ultimate precision and consistent feedback from the wing. When your new redesigned smooth trims are closed you will have enough glide range to smoothly cruise and explore more “flatter” parts of your line.

Whenever wind picks up the Spiruline Pro got your back! It is like in kitesurfing – having multiple size kites to suit different wind conditions and that’s exactly where Spiruline Pro kicks IN. Soaring at dunes in super high winds opens up new endless possibilities but with one side effect – it’s highly addictive.

Pilots target

Dedicated to EXPERT pilots, the Spiruline Pro is the extension of The Spiruline range, more orientated into Speedflying, strong wind,…
Make sure you pick up the right size too…

Please make sure if you sell your glider as second hand, to make sure that the buyer is skilled enough!
I’m sure all of you are doing it, but this is very important to be recall anyway.

Wingload around 5 (+/- 20%)
For pilots who already have experience of flight. Higher speeds than a paraglider.
Wingload around 7 and more (- 20%)
For experienced pilots. A more dynamic wing, with much higher speeds than a paraglider. Much greater height loss when turning.

Technical specifications

The Spiruline 8 10 12
SIZE (m2) 8 10 12
FLAT SPAN (m) 6.1 6.8 7.5
FLAT AR 4.65 4.65 4.65
CELL COUNT 34 34 34
AUW (kg) 55/120 55/120 55/120
WEIGHT (kg) 1.9 2.1 2.4
CERTIFICATION EN 926-1 EN 926-1 EN 926-1
PRICE € 1980 € 1980 € 1980


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