La Mouette


La Mouette: The ultimate Kiterisers glider featuring progressive reflex profile
by LittleCloud and semi-closed cell technology for unparalleled control and performance!

La Mouette, the seagull in French is the Kiterisers specific glider from LittleCloud.
A soaring machine designed to be used with the angle of attack control though the toggle-what we call Kiterisers, ie speed-control at your fingertips.

It benefits from Tom’s 25 years’ experience in Miniwing and Kite design!

Extremely intuitive, easy to use, fun to pilot, it will put a big smile on your face!

Whether you’re looking for a smooth comfortable ride or more aggressive flying, it’s suitable to a large range of flying styles thanks to its extremely precise and progressive control.

It is dedicated to pilots with a minimum of paragliding or Miniwing experience.

The range is divided into 2 groups:

–The light wind glider-designed to let you enjoy the lightest breezes of air.
With 5.9 aspect ratio, we focused on efficiency and handling.

Everything is optimised, from the planform to the fabric blend to offer you the best experience in the air.

–The medium to stronger wind gliders so you can play when the wind picks up.
With 5.2 aspect ratio, we focused on extremely precise handling with very neutral and instant reactions.

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La Mouette


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