Lierrelease SK2


Met aansluitpunt voor het speedsysteem om te voorkomen dat het scherm tijdens het oplieren in een zakvlucht terecht komt.



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The textile towing device SK2 is equivalent to our well-established SK1, but it additionally has an integrated towing support. That support helps to pre-accelerate the wing during towing in order to make towing phase safer by preventing deep stall and achieve more altitude.

SK2 can only be attached to the main suspension of your harness. Fixed to the towing device are two line, which are fixed with inglefield clips to the carrying strap. Line length is variable in order to achieve perfect pre-acceleration of 20-25%, dependant on the glider. If you don’t wish any pre-acceleration simply don’t connect the inglefield clips to the carrying strap.

SK2 is certified according to LTF!


  • Textile towing device for gliders
  • integrated towing support
  • very robust
  • simple handling
  • weight: 160g
  • certified according to LTF

Extra informatie

Gewicht 0.192 kg


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