Krisis Rogallo II


Bestuurbare rogallo noodchute

Daalsnelheid maar 3.8 m/s bij 130 kg

Gemaakt in Europa

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The Krisis Rogallo II completes our range of technical and lightweight rescue parachutes.

Until now, Rogallo reserves were heavy, bulky, and their horizontal speed immediately after opening were limiting factors for cross country usage (risks of severe mirror effect and  glide towards an obstacle if the pilot did not immediately manage his rescue).

Launching and handling

The launch of the Krisis Rogallo II is done in the same way as for a classic rescue (pull and launch). It moves progressively horizontally and can be steered with the two brake controls, even when the glider is still attached: thanks to the reduced horizontal speed, the glider is sufficiently unloaded to be able to neutralize it with one hand. The other hand can then be used to direct the rescue. Pilots with a glider release system can take full advantage of the qualities of the Krisis Rogallo II: the glide ratio is doubled for a slightly higher sink rate.


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