Krisis Rogallo II


Bestuurbare rogallo noodchute

Daalsnelheid maar 3.8 m/s bij 130 kg

Maximale belasting 130 kg voor de standaard en lichte uitvoering

Maximale belasting 100 kg voor de extra kleine en lichte uitvoering

Gewicht standaard uitvoering 1840 gram, lichtgewicht 1420 gram, en klein&licht 1230 gram

Gemaakt in Europa

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Model Flat area (m²) Weight (kg) Volume(cm3) Sink rate (m/s) Max load at take-off (kg)
Krisis Rogallo II 41.75 1.84 4959 3.8 130
Krisis Rogallo II Light 41.75 1.42 3837 3.8 130
Krisis Rogallo II Light Small 35.47 1.23 3324 3.7 90 (100)*

(*) Extended Weight Range

Although the EN/LTF flight tests showed a 3,7 m/sec descent rate at 100 Kg, our own experience also tells us that highly loaded Rogallos, like conventional reserve parachutes, can lead to mirror flying or down-planing when combined with the paraglider. This mainly happens with very stable and collapse resistant school gliders, or in very steady throwing conditions such as training openings over water. The EN/LTF practical tests are always carried out in separated configuration – without the troublesome paraglider. When developing our Rogallo reserve parachutes we focus a lot of attention on the overall functioning spectrum, above all in connected condition (when the paraglider is not cut away).

Despite the positive flight tests at more than 100kg we recommend that the extended weight range is only for use by experienced “Rogallo pilots”, or in conjunction with a reliable cut-away system.


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